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With ultimate control and unlimited options, EcomSolid Theme gives you the power to bring your ideas to life. It is a Shopify theme that you can configure in a countless number of ways, thanks to multiple layouts and section options. More than that, EcomSolid Theme is designed with a bundle of sales-booster addons that optimize your conversion rate and take your sales to the next level. It’s optimized to work hand-in-hand with GemPages in one vision to become the best storefront design stack for Shopify entrepreneurs.

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Why EcomSolid Theme is a must for your Shopify Store

Multiple Layout Options

We offer sections and settings which give you unlimited options for customizing the layout of your pages.
You can change your theme style back and forth in clicks with this multiple presets feature.

Entirely customizable

Flexible theme for faster performances

Sales-booster Add-ons

Necessary 3rd-party apps usually cost about $2000 per year on the Shopify App store. Add these Sales-booster add-ons to your shop and increase conversions!

Keep customers coming back

Sale push notifications

Advanced Visual Theme Builder

We offer a visual editor with a real-time preview, helping you take full control of your design.
Our preview screen is where you will be able to make global changes to your sections, including text and background image.

All the tools needed to build a strong ecommerce website

2 clicks installation!

How EcomSolid Theme works with GemPages?

The combination of EcomSolid Theme & GemPages take your store design to next level. You no longer need an in-house design team to grow your e-commerce business

GemPages Builder

EcomSolid Theme

GemPages is a Page Builder Shopify App that allows you to design your page using the drag-and-drop method.

EcomSolid is a Shopify Theme. When installing EcomSolid, it is required to install a private EC Shopify App that allows us to configure EcomSolid theme options.

Design single page content with our drag & drop editor.

Design header, footer, and choose from different pre-designed templates.

Ideal to design a landing page for your marketing campaigns & to launch split testing.

Ideal to configure your theme's global styles, from the branding color, the button color in all pages, the typography & the spacing.

GemPages works on top of EcomSolid Theme. All elements created with GemPages can inherit from the styles you have defined with Ecomsolid.

EcomSolid provides tons of sales-booster addons that optimize the conversion and bring better browsing experience in your store. It helps to makes more profits without having to pay for too many messy apps.

GemPages Builder
EcomSolid Theme

GemPages is a Page Builder Shopify App that allows to design your page with drag-and-drop methods.

Design single page content by drag & drop editor.

Ideal to design landing page for your marketing campaigns & split testing.

GemPages works on top of EcomSolid Theme. All elements created by GemPages can inherts from globally definied EcomSolid styles.

EcomSolid is a Shopify Theme. When installing EcomSolid, it requires to install a private EC Shopify App that allows us to configure EcomSolid theme options.

Design header & footer, choose from different pre-designed templates.

Ideal to configure global styles of your theme, from branding color, button color in all pages, typography, spacing and so on.

EcomSolid provides tons of sales-booster minus apps that optimise the conversion and bring better browing experience in your store. It helps to makes more sales without paying for too many messy apps.

🔥 4006 users have just downloaded EcomSolid Theme

Seller’s Recommend

Gempages and Gemthemes was amazing to work with they really helped me build a great website and the customer service was amazing. very helpful and easy and straightfoward to work with. overall amazing tool to use for a website, very customisable and fun to work with.

Dean Papanicolaou

This tool is exactly what I’ve always wanted with Shopify. I love what these guys offer as far as flexibility and customization, and in addition, the way these themes are coded, they’re also very fast! With lazy loading, minified css, etc. it’s amazing to see that flexibility comes at no cost to site performance. Highly recommend!!

Andres Gutierrez

Simply put - Game-changing innovation within Shopify that no other app can compare.
My Top 3 Benefits
1. Saved me a lot of money from other apps.
2. Made my theme more customizable than a $150 theme I had.
3. Simplified and made the page more optimized for sales conversion.

Patrick Chitwood

Honest reviews by a GemPages user

Hello my name is Sihyun Park, and I have been on an ecommerce journey for a couple of years now. Throughout that journey I found that branding is one of the key components when it comes to conversion. I have tested with a range of different themes and designers that cost me upwards of a hundred dollars even more. However, a piece of software that I have stumbled upon changed everything namely Gempages, this unique and amazing application that has perfect integration with shopify has given me the freedom to design, with its unique drag and drop method. With the help of GemPages I now became the designer rather than relying on others to bring my ideas to life. With its technology I am able to edit create alter the design without a delay and time being wasted, I am able to test a plethora of different designs and presets that also come along with the software. To those who feel that the 29 dollars is too expensive for this amazing software they also provide ecomsoild a free software, unlike traditional themes this theme comes with a vast amount of preset that you are able to design and addons that you can alter without trouble. It is amazing how much clutter it removed in my app sections, and your website will have more of a unified look. To those who truly care about the look of your brand you can utilize both at the same time giving you the ability to change headers, footers, cart-pages whilst also allowing you to change the contents of the page itself.

Joe Park Sihyun

GemThemes and GemPages are a game changing software for big brand and smaller sole workers like me. It allows me to have the flexibility and quality of a branded website with a low overhead cost. It is capable of changing and designing all aspect of the website, to color and fonts. It also has a amazing staff who is always there to assist you whether its questions about capability of the software or in regards to custom integration, they really go out a limp to make a change and help us (the customers). I would recommend this over other overpriced themes that have no staff, less to no flexibility, and the ability to truly create your 'brand'.

🔥 4006 users has just downloaded EcomSolid Theme

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Why do I need EcomSolid if I already had GemPages installed?

We would recommend you to use both as with EcomSolid you have access to a lot of features (most of them for free) that can help boost sales and conversion rates. Usually, these features would be from 3rd party-apps and the cost at the end of the day is very expensive when you add all these 3rd party apps together. EcomSolid aims to provide a lot of these features for free.

All of this combined with GemPages who offers a great layout and design options guarantees you of having a beautiful and highly-convertible online shop!

What about the loading speed when using EcomSolid?

EcomSolid is optimized for speed performance and reduces the number of scripts on your website by removing the need of Third-Party apps. We have tested many store we designed with EcomSolid and all of them have the power to load in less than 1,3s.

You can test out the performance of our demo stores to see by yourself:

Is it compatible with GemPages?

EcomSolid works hand-in-hand with GemPages as both applications have been developed by us.
They complement each other:

  • EcomSolid is a Shopify Theme, that helps to set up all major pages of your store, define global styles, typography, and, specifically, it provides with conversation optimized add-ons that bring better buying experience to your store.
  • GemPages is a Page Builder, that helps to design custom pages or landing pages for your marketing campaigns. GemPages works on top of the EcomSolid theme and inherits all the global styles that are defined by EcomSolid Theme.